Hi, I’m a female. I have a meaningful name which was given by my beloved parents, my name’s Audhrie Fernanda. I was born in Palembang on May 1997 exactly in the morning.
          I have a cutest brother ever named Akbar who is now as a student in junior high school. I’m as the scholar in SMAN Sumsel now. It is a boarding school which is placed in Jakabaring, Palembang, South Sumatera, Indonesia. It’s a boarding school which has dormitory and I’m enjoying my activities in this awesome school.
          I have ambitions to be a doctor and a businesswoman. It’s still plan because no one knows what will I be in the future. My passion is in music. Every activity I do, I’ll never forget about this thing. Music is my life, and my life is about music. I am auditory, so that’s why I love music so much. Besides, I like playing music instruments such as guitar and keyboard. Even though I’m not mastering those instruments, I still really love them. Guitar is my “best friend”, and keyboard is my “boyfriend”. In addition, I love fiction movies and novels such as Harry Potter and Vampires because I like imagining something in the movies or novels. Well, I think it’s enough for introducing my self. Thank you for visiting my blog!(Big Thank’s to: God who gives me mind and ideas to make all of these; Parents who give me full of support; Teacher, especially Pak Armansyah who gives me a very beneficial task; Everyone who reads and visits this blog.)


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