A Silly Boy And His Magical Socks

silly and socks

CRAAACKKKKKK…  The sound of Neville’s pencil which was busted by Rick. He was crying because that pencil  was the last he had got left and he should make his art project which would be submitted tomorrow. Neville was a fifth grader who was becoming the talk in his school because he’s always doing silly things.

                One day, when he was on the way to school, he met an old lady who could not speak clearly. That lady invited him to talk. And Neville heard that she was living alone with no one else in this city. Neville began to feel pity to that lady. Because he only brought a box of sandwich, he gave the sandwich which was made by his mom to the lady. That old lady acted like she never ate before.

                “Thank you, young boy, God blesses you.” Said the lady. And as she had to give back, she gave a pair of socks and said, “I have only this pair of socks, would you like to take these? I feel thankful to meet you.”

                “Yes, of course. You’re welcome.” Neville replied.

                Then, when Neville turned his head to the socks, it was shining and he felt something was happening. But, when he looked at the lady, she disappeared from his sight. Neville felt confused because he had not known her name. Mysterious.

                Three days later, Neville was going to hang out with his parents on the weekend and he wore the socks which was given by the old lady. When he stood up wearing the socks, he felt that he lost his weight. He was shocked because he felt like flying from the ground. Then, he told his mom about that, but his mom did not trust him anyway. So, he observed the socks. He found nothing was wrong, but when he threw the socks to the floor, it was sounding like it could speak and made Neville jumped from his initial place before.

                The next day, he went to school wearing that socks again. In the school, he was bullied by his friends even his teachers sometimes. But, he did not know why he was not getting angry because of that. He enjoyed his school time everyday doing something weird and anything else. He was very fun with his days. Suddenly, he got a weak punch when he was jumping happily from his friend then he cried. He talked to the socks while he was crying.

“My socks, what is happening to me? Am I that bad till my friends take a distance?” Neville asked. The first time there was no answer from the socks, then he asked again. “I wish you can speak, so I can tell you my story, Socks.” Then he moved to the seat in the class because he was sitting in the side of the corridor.

                On the seat, he heard something was talking unclearly. He tried to find the source of the sound but there was no one who talked. He look at the bottom to see his socks because it was a little moving.

                “OH MY GOD! Are you speaking, my socks? He a bit jumped from his seat.

                “Ssssst…! Yes, you wished that, right?” The socks whispered.

                “Yeah. Could you please tell me what actually you are?” Neville asked curiously.

                “I’m a magical socks actually. You didn’t realize that the old lady had given you a magical socks. She gave me to you to be your friend.” Answered the Socks.

                “I don’t understand, but you can be my friend.” Said Neville. And they were having a long introduction conversation.

                The day after that, he walked to the school in the earlier morning. He passed the market area. Then, he saw the ice cream shop and it was closed. But, he really wanted the ice cream, so he asked the socks in his hand to steal one of the ice creams. The socks did his command to steal the ice cream.

                “Accio ice cream!” The socks spelled a spell then the ice cream appeared on Neville’s hand.

                “Wow! It’s amazing! Can you do it every day?” Neville asked the socks.

                “No, I can only do a spell after you wash me.” Replied the socks.

                “Ok, I’ll wash you every day.” Said  Neville.

                Neville’s days became cheerful. But, one day he was very busy with his tasks from the teachers because it was almost the end of the first term. He couldn’t divide his time well so he forgot to was his magical socks for a week long. Then, he found the socks were very dirty and smelly. He spoke to the socks but it didn’t answer anyway. He cried and very regret about forgetting to wash the socks. Then, the socks died forever.

Created By          : Audhrie Fernanda

Topic By               : Riska Dwi Putri


About audhriefernanda

Extraordinary girl who pursues her dream to be a Psychologist!

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