Cupcake In Love Part 2 (by Audhrie)

cupcake in love

           One day, when I just went back from my school, I saw him standing nearby a small shop in front of an accessories shop. I ask my friend to go ahead. When they went, I approached him. When I was getting closer, he seemed like surprised but he smiled.

                “Hi.” He greeted.

                “Hi too. What are you doing here?”

                “Nothing, I accompany my friend. She is inside. And you?”

                “I just went back from my school. You mean your girlfriend?” I asked.

                “No, just my friend. Why do you ask?” He wondered.

                “Ohh, nope. I am just wondering.”

                I didn’t know, since when we were closer like this. I just confused.

                “Oh ya, since I don’t know your name, would you introduce yourself?” He starts the conversation.

                “Oh my God, haha. I’m Wendy. You?”

                “I’m Zack. I’m in 2nd term of my university. What grade are you?”

                “I’m in year twelve now.”

                So far, our conversation were increasingly well and I enjoyed that. He looked that he enjoyed this also until his friend were coming from inside of the shop. And, do you know? She had been in the shop for two hours. I felt so pity of Zack. But, I could understand.

                “Who is this girl, Zack? Is she your girlfriend?” She asked for Zack and staring on me.

                “Yes, she is.”

                WHAT? Do you know how shock I was? I was just silent.

                “She is younger than you? How come?”

                “Long story.”

                “So, do you wanna go with her?” She asked him again.

                “Yes, but I have been waiting for you for so long. I get confused. Hmmm,  I’ll be with Wendy.”

                “Okey, I’m leaving.”

                Then, that girl who starred on me had gone.

                “Why do you tell her that I am your girl?” It was still not accepted.

                “You’ll now. She likes me since we were in the same class in college. I don’t like her. She only wants to be with me all the time. Did you see her face when she looked at you?” He looked truefull.

                “Oh, Okey. Acceptable.”

                “Do you think I am lying? I’m seriously telling you this.” He looked angry.

                “Ya, I believe you, Zack.”

                Well, after we had long conversation, we walked to home. Fortunately, my house and his had the same way. We were separated in front of my home.

                “Wend, see you.” He wiped sweat on my face because at that moment, it was so hot and sunny.

                “See you too.” And I smiled to him.

                I was coming into my house pleasantly. I went to my room directly and fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning, I found my friends were waiting for me in front of my house because it was weekend and we planned to hang out together. So, I was in rush to take a bath and left my home directly because my mom had gone to her work. I took some breads form the refrigerator and a small bottle of milk to have breakfast on the way.

                While walking around, I was only with Alex and Patty.

                “Hey, where is Jannet? I’m wondering her.” I looked at Patty’s face.

                “She went to the hospital because her grandmother got accident yesterday.”

                “Ohh, why don’t we go there and bring some food for her.”

                “She doesn’t let us go. I dunno why.”

                “Hmm, it’s bothering me. I’m curious.” I wrinkled my forehead because of curiosity. “Okay, that’s fine. This is her privation.” I tried to go on.

                When we arrived at the town park, I saw a person who I knew well.

                “Zack!” I greeted him.

                “Ohh, hi, Wend. What’s your deal here?” She asked me.

                “I’m just refreshing mind with my other friends. They’re the closest ones.” I pinted Alex and Patty.

                “Ohh, nice. I am just alone. Can I just join you, guys?”

                “Ohh, pleasure.”

                I saw Alex and Patty were whispering while starring on Zack.

                “Both of you, what are you talking about behind us?” I wondered.

                “Haha, nothing. We’re just admire him.”

                “Wow, you don’t know me yet, guys. I’m wild.” Zack confirmed.

                “That’s fine.”

                So, after that visited some places like food court to taste some kinds of food. Patty and Alex left first because they had to go to a supermarket. So, I was with Zack only. We went to the small beautiful part of the park. There were long benches and small flowers gathering in the middle of the park. I sited down on the bench and Zack followed. He started the conversation.


                “Yes, why?”

                “You know that I was a bad boy. But, since I met you that day in the café, I started to realize that I should be responsible. It was because of you. You’ve changed my mind.”

                “Yes, then?”

                “I know that you really love cupcake and I wish that you’ll love me more than that.”

                “Pardon? Do you mean you like me?”

                “Yes, absolutely. I bring some package of cupcakes. I bring it and change it every day since I realize that I like you. Wondering the most suitable day to give it to you. And  I think today is the day.”

                “Zack, I wish you know that I like you since the day you replaced my cupcakes and became my private assistant for only a day. That was the first day I thought that you’ve changing my days mean.”

                “Are you serious? Does it mean you like me too?” He was surprised.

                “Yes. You’re now my beloved cupcake.”

                So, since that day I became his girlfriend and he really cared to me. I was enjoying my life. And do you know? Zack is now my husband and we have a little daughter named Chloe. We’re now a complete family and happily ever after.

“I know that you really love cupcake and I wish that you’ll love me more than that.” – (Zack)

“Yes. You’re now my beloved cupcake.” – (Wendy)


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