Cupcake In Love Part 1 (by Audhrie)

cupcake in love, audhrie

                I was living in French. I lived there only with my Mom, because my dad was working so far away overseas.

                In my high school, I had 3 friends who were Janetta, Patty, and Alexa. My name is Wendy. I was born in a happy family because we lived in a beautiful small town near by waterfalls. There was a Cupcake restaurant and I usually go with my friends to the restaurant. I like a chocolate cupcake as the same as Alexa, and Jane like a banana cupcake as the same as Patty. Sometimes, after we’re back from the school, besides going to the cupcake, we go to a small café in the left side of the swimming pool center.

                At the time, I and Jannet just went out from the cupcake restaurant, bought some cupcakes and we went to the café, unpurposely, someone, a boy hit me and it made my cupcake were fallen. I was so angry with him. I didn’t know him.

                “I’m sorry, I have to be hurry, I have class.”

                “STOP! You may not go before you replace my cupcake. This is my favorite.” I wanted to cry, but I hold it.

                “I just unpurposely did that. You can buy it again.”

                I feel increasingly irritated by his attitude, unresponsible boy. “Please, I beg you. I have no more money.”

                “Tomorrow, I have been late now.”



                How bad this day! A mean boy. How could he was really annoying my day. In my badmood day, I went to Alex’s house and I told her about that bad boy. But, she was joking to me. 

                “Hahaha, be careful, you’ll be in love with him later.”

                “Uhh, it’s annoying. Can you stop mocking me!” I was angry with her.

                After I went back from Alex’s house. I walked around the town center. I remembered about my cupcake, so I went to the café. There was none there and I just waited in front of the café for that boy. I had been waiting for an hour and I didn’t see his face though. I starter to be irritated for the 2nd time. He had made me so disappointed.

                From so far away,  I saw a boy running toward myself. From the gesture, I thought I knew who that was. That was the boy, the bad boy and he arrived in front of me.

                “Sorry, I was late.” He seemed so tired.

                “What? Sorry? I have been waiting for so long.” I was really disappointed.

                “It was so hard to find the cupcake restaurant, you know? Do you want it or not?” He handed me a plastic bag branded a famous pastry shop

                “Yes, of course. But, you have one more mistake. You’re late.”

                “You’re a chatty girl. So, what do you want from me?”

                “I want you to… To be my private servant for a day.”

                “Huh? Are you nuts? I don’t want!”

                “Absolutely not! I know that you don’t want to have any more business with me. So, just do it then.”

                “You’re younger than me, but you have so many wants.”

                He started to be annoyed because of me and I knew it. “Do you want it or not?”

                “Fine! A day only. Fortunately, I have nothing to do today. What we gonna do?”

                “Find a taxi, I wanna go to the café. And you should join me.”


                So, that day, I did everything with him. I could not deny that he is a figure of considerable sense. I started to enjoy my day with him. But, unpurposely, he made my cupcake fell down again. But,  I don’t know why I were not being angry to him. I was just so so. A day with him had finish then.

                I went back to my house and I was full of happiness. I didn’t realize that along the way to home, I was thingking of him when he helped me brought my stuff. I wanted to laugh, but that was awesome day. OH MY GOD! I didn’t ask his name, moreover his number. How fool I was! But, that’s okey. I wil meet him again soon.

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