My Killer Teacher, Isn’t it?


               Ouch…!!! My head is thrown with a chalk by a teacher. She is a youngest teacher in my senior high school. She is the most beautiful teacher I’ve ever seen.  However, everyone seems like really afraid of her because they think that she is a killer teacher.

                “Why do you sleep in my class?” She asks me rudely.

                “I’m sorry, Miss. That was unpurposely.” I ask her for apologize.

                “I’ll be waiting for you in my office after the class. Understand?”

                “Huh? Yes, Miss. Understood!”

                Oh my God, a problem has been added in my life. Why does she too exagerate? Hmmm.. a killer teacher. It makes me curious about her. So, after the class I go to her office then I knock the door.

                “Yes, come in.” She answers from inside.

                “Excuse me, Miss.” I was afraid in seeing her face.

                “Yes, sit down, please. I only want to ask you, why do you like to sleep in my class? Does my subject make you feel bored?” She asks me while spinning her portable chair like 90 degree.

                “Hmm, no, it does not. I just..” I was in doubt to answer, “I just don’t understand about your lesson, miss. I am afraid to tell you because you’ll feel failed.” I am finding the best answer.

                “Oh my God. Why don’t you tell me? I would like to teach you privately. I am a new graduated teacher from college. It’s my first time in teaching.” She is like feeling guilty.

                “So, will you be my private teacher, Miss?” I ask her.

                “Okey, I would teach you after school time at 3 pm. Come to my office, I’ll be here.”

                “Allright, Miss! Thankyou so much.” I am so delighted.

                In my house, when I want to go to bed in the night, suddenly I am thinking about Miss Helena, her name. A killer teacher people tought. I am changing my perspective about her. She is nice teacher who can motivate me in studying, maybe. Let’s see later.

                I cannot sleep, eventhough I have drunk a bottle of milk. So, I just close my eyes and again, I am thinking about her. She is my teacher, is it possible to be in love with a teacher? Lovely! I want to cure my curiousity about her, proving that she is not like what people think about.

                The next day, I go to school happily, not like usual. I do not know why, but I’m enjoying this. On the way, I meet my friend, she is a girl. From I know, my other friends say that she likes me so much. So, I try to smile to her. She replies my smile back. Mmm, she is cute, but not as cute as Miss Hel. WHAT? I compare her with Miss Helena. Am I in love? God, He knows my heart, let it flow.

                In the school, there is no lesson of Miss Hel. I feel so bored today, but soon I’ll meet her after school. YES! In the canteen when it is break time, my friend says that I am called by Miss Hel in her office now. So, I go there and knock the door nicely. She is welcoming me well.

                “How is your score? Improving?”

                “Mmm, no at all Miss. How can I improve? I don’t know my way in studying.”

                “So, do you still wanna have additional lesson with me  after school?”

                “Yes, of course!” I am in fire.

                “Well, I’ll be waiting for you after school today.”

                “Thank’s, Miss.”

                3 months later…

                (on the phone)

                “Miss Hel, are you going somewhere this weekend?”

                “Nope, why?”

                “I would invite you to have dinner in a French restaurant near by the center of the town. Would you join?”

                “Yes, I will be there at 8.”

                Yeah! I did it! “Yes, Miss. I’ll pick you up.”

                Actually, I have been starting to like her. But, I don’t know even she likes me back or no. Hopefully.. It’s been weekend. I pick Miss Hel now. She is really cute with her pink dress. She brings a small bag like hand bag. I pick her up with my motorcycle. Then, on the way she just silent. Only once she ask me something. But, it’s all about my school. But, that’s okey. We arrived in the restaurant and find the best place to sit. We sit near by the window which faces a nice few in the town. We can see the lights from the buildings which are colorfull. We choose a light food.

                “Miss Hel..”

                “Yes, Ray.” Ray is my name.

                “Actually I wanna say something deeply to you.”

                “What is that?”

                “Miss, I like you. I hope you like me the way I like you.”

                “Oh my God. I.. really I’m sorry. I have had a boyfriend and it has been 2 years that we are in the relationship. I like you boy, because you are improving yourself. I like you because your like my little brother. Not more than that.” She looks like she regrets.

                “Ohh, never mind. You’ll still be my teacher Miss. My killer teacher.”

                I really disappointed. It’s not like my expectation before. I’m sure that she is for me. But, this is the reality that My Killer Teacher have killed my heart.


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