True Friend Means (by Audhrie)

best friend anime - Audhrie

                3 P.M, my train had come and will be departed soon. I went to Melbourne from Darwin because I got a scholarship in one of universities there. It was so pleased to be in Melbourne soon because I had a dream to go there for having my better life and it came true. My parents supported me for having my college there and even getting more friends.

I am Luna Zuckerberg and usually called Luna. I had a wonderful life because I was born in Darwin, a place where all of my dreams started to be true. I love my family which consists of my mom and dad, and two daughters and a son as well. The first child is me, the second is Mark who was studying in Senior High School, and the youngest child is Brietha and called Brit who was still in kindergarten. All of members of my family liked to watch football except Brit because she didn’t understand yet.

I as the scholar, I would study hard because I would hold my scholarship and catch my dream. I wanted to be a ministry of Economic in my country. I had a best friend in Darwin who always supported me everything I did, her name’s Miley. She stayed in Darwin because she couldn’t leave her mother alone there, her father just passed away. I was so sad when I had to leave her there, she was the only one who could understand me beside my mom.  But, I had to keep up and it needed sacrifice, this was my sacrifice.

Along my study in Melbourne, I got some new friends who are Karina, James, and Selina. They were so great in the class. Karina was the smart girl, James was the coolest boy in my opinion, and Selina was the innocent girl and she wore a glasses. How lucky I was for being their friends beside they are nice to people. Karina was the closest one to me because we lived in the same house rental near by the university. She got ‘A’ for Math and I got ‘B+’. I would study more hard to be the same like her. She was so kind with me, sometimes I let out my feeling to be known by her and she could give my advice if I was desperate. I was being more comfort with her even because she vent to me as well, it’s just like we’re giving back each other.

Day by day had gone. I got more depressed because I had to do so many tasks and jobs because I was taking a part time job while studying to fulfill my need while having college there, sometimes I thought that I shouldn’t rely on my parents as always. I forgot about friends and always thought about my study and scholarship.

I opened my laptop and I found several email messages from Miley. Oh my God, how shocked I was when I read the text. She went to this town 3 days ago for visiting me but she didn’t know where I lived, she sent me a message contained question about my address and I ignored her messages even because I was too busy with my job, so she went back desperately. I made her disappointed, how could I forget about her? Idiot! I tried to call her but she didn’t pick my call up. I was crying on my bed then Karina came to me to ask.

“What happen, Luna? Tell me, maybe I can help you.” She asked.

“It was my best friend in Darwin, didn’t pick my call up because of my mistakes. I made her disappointed even. I am a bad friend.” I was crying and couldn’t stop my tears.

Karina hugged me and say, “You have to meet her. I’ll accompany you to go. Will you?” She asked me patiently.

“I will. Thank’s, Karina. You’re really my best friend.” I told her.

“Tomorrow we will go, by train. I have no class for tomorrow.”

I was thinking, how kind she was to me. I am grateful for what God has given to me, nice people around me. “Okey.”

The next day, I and Karina went to the station to buy the tickets. Unpurposely , we met James. He wanted to go to Darwin too to visit his grandparents, so we invited him to join us to go together. On the train, James was staring on me as always. I didn’t know what was happening, but he couldn’t stop. I didn’t know whether Karina realize it or not. But, I was silent and pretending that I didn’t even know. We arrived after 7 hours on the train. I was so tired. Whe we got out of the Train, James starred on me and smiled, he said he wanted to join us first to met Miley, I had told him about Miley on the train.

We went to Miley’s house. I knocked the door, no one answered. So, I tried to open the door because it was not locked. We entered the room and found Miley’s mom layed down on the bed and she looked so pale. I thought that she got sick but I didn’t see Miley there. Her mom was alone. I tried to call her by phone. Suddenly, someone opened the door rudely, it was Miley. Tiring and panting  what I saw on his face.

“Where have you been?” I asked and directly hugged her.

“Uhh, I was from pharmacy to buy medicine for my mom. She got a bad fever and had been a month not cured.” She cried. “I have no money for bringing her to the hospital. I had been dropped out from my university.”

I wiped her tears, “I’m sorry to hear that. I was so sorry when you came to Melbourne to met me, I was not there for you. I really I’m sorry.” I hugged her and cried.

While I was crying, James said, “Come on, your mom has to be taken to the hospital.”

Karina said, “Yes, you have to. I’ll call the taxy.”

When the taxy came, we went to the nearest hospital. Doctor at the hospital immediately check on his mother. And we were shocked because the doctor said that her mother got a brain cancer. Suddenly the situation became  really silent. It was like the ceiling was fallen down and afflicted Miley’s heart. I was really sorry to hear that. It was like no more future on her hand, I could feel it.

“You’ve been late to bring her to the hospital. It’s already severe. Or we can only do an action, it’s chemotherapy. But the possibility of a cure is small. But just hope that it is success.” Doctor said.

“How much is that, Doc?”

“Five to ten thousands.” Doctor answered.

We were shocked, how to get such amount of money? Oh God.

“Is there alternative way for curing my mom’s disease?” Miley asked.

“No, that’s the only one way. I’m sorry.”

After that, Miley didn’t know what to do, thought about her mom and she was like hopeless. I, James, and Karina as well, we couldn’t think about the cost. James had to leave the hospital because he got call from his grandparents. So we just leave Miley’s mom in the hospital because she needed to be taken care.

A week had gone. It was in the morning, when I wanted to go to my university because I had class, Miley called my. I didn’t think it was a bad news I heard from her, but the reality was not. Her mom had passed away a day after she got better. She was crying on the phone and I felt really sorry to hear that. I directly went to station and bought a ticket. I left my class, it’s more important to me than my college. On the train I called my parents to let them knew about this bad news, but they had known before I knew and they had been in the hospital. I arrived at 10 P.M. and there had been so many people. They were waiting for me. When Miley saw me, she ran to me and hugged me hardly. I could understand that she was so painful of this. She didn’t have anymore family, her mother was the only one family she got. So I told my parents to take cared of her while I was having college in Melbourne and my parents said yes. I was so glad for having my really best friend living with my family.

Miley said, “God really did something special when He blessed me with a friend like you.”

And I smiled.

“It’s a real meaning of best friend, we are happy and sad together. We fall and rise together. So, the conclusion is best friend is only about sharing.”

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