“Crazy Little Thing” Called Cellphone (by Audhrie Fernanda)


Nowadays, mobile phone or called as cellphone has become a crucial part in our life. We can imagine about life without a cellphone, it must be boring of course. People from teenagers to old men have their own cellphone and even the children. I do believe that you’re thingking about cellphone has drawbacks, so maybe I would analyze some of them.

         First of all, there are many people who use cellphone as their daily needed because as we know in this sophisticated era, cellphone canbe used to do and  human activities. However, if we are too often to utilize this cellphone, it will lead us to some diseases such as cancer, haggard, and etc. So, more often we use cellphone, the greater the potential for the diseases to attack our bodies.

         Secondly, people claim that cellphone makes them easier to communicate and have a link to others. However, the facts prove that the use of cellphone , they can do many communication activities.This can induce the interaction process orally be rarely done. So, it can reduce person’s ability to communicate with people.

         To sum up, as far as I’m concerned, health and communication with many people can be disturbed by the use of cellphone itself. So, as long as we use it wisely, we will not get those drawbacks.

written by: Audhrie Fernanda


About audhriefernanda

Extraordinary girl who pursues her dream to be a Psychologist!

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